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Soundic Radio



Dance, Pop, Top 40


Internet based / Sweden

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About Soundic Radio

Soundic Radio is a webradio-station that is driven by very engaged individuals. Our work is 100% non-profit so we doesn't earn any money for this. We just have a passionate interest of making good radio. This is our 5:th year so far and we have grown a lot but at the same time we know we still have a lot of work to do.

Soundic Radio may remind you a little of the big commercial FM-radiostations but we still differ from them as you can hear very good music that the big FM-stations won't play. The genre is Pop, Trance, 80's and almost everything else you can imagine. When we have liveshows you can hear Our crazy dj's from all around sweden. Several of our djs has their own "music-profile" which guarantees for a wide music-perspective.


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