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About BullsEye Radio

BullsEye Radio ! Home to all genres of music from all over the world. We are dedicated to playing your favorite music 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Unlike conventional FM radio , we are not littered with all the annoying commercials that you now hear all over the FM radio dials every 3 seconds , Here at BullsEye , the commercials are there , because the support is needed , but in a manner which presents the importance of the music first !! The most important thing is that our DJ's have fun !! They interact with people !! Try to do that with FM and see how far you get !! Although some people don't care for how we run our station , my comment to that is " DONT TUNE IN " If your someone who wants a stuffed shirt radio , that sounds like a robot is running the station , then we arent for you , but if your someone who wants to laugh , have fun ,enjoy music and interact with REAL people , then you have found a home !! My DJ's , while they dont have the experience I have had in my career in this business , are REAL ! Not Fake and all wrapped up in commercialism like you get on the FM Dial ! Although we aren't live all the time , the music is always hand picked in each category to be the best of its genre. Please cruise through the pages and enjoy your stay and don't forget when you want great music to listen to , just aim for the BullsEye !


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